Thank You Memorial In Zahaji

Author: Martina Forejtová
Cooperation: Martina Havlová, Ph.D., Julie Horáčková, Eliška Kusbachová, Petra Soukalová
Statues: Zdenek Manina
Project: 2022
Realization: 2023
Photo: Hana Connor

During the Second World War, residents of Zahaji provided support to the National Avenger Partisan Group, despite the serious risks to their safety. To commemorate this act of bravery and show our gratitude to the citizens of the village of Zahaji and the people of the entire region of Repinsko and Mseno, we have designed an extension to the existing war memorial.

 The corten steel silhouettes representing the brave residents are the central theme of the monument. The sculptures were placed perpendicularly to the pavement in the middle of the flowerbeds. We selected plants that blossom around the end of April, the time when the annual commemoration event is held.  

During the ceremony, those silhouettes of ordinary people will seem to be standing quietly in front of the memorial, not looking directly at the event‘s participants. They symbolize the resistance of citizens, which although not as visible as the struggle of partisans, was no less significant in its bravery.

We hope that visitors and locals will be able to feel and draw from the strength and courage that the monument projects. Our design seeks to make the visitors feel positive and proud. The hard-paved area is divided by sections of grass, flower beds, and lilac bushes. The bench placed in front of the memorial gives a direct view of the corten sculptures and could be a place to rest while reflecting on the past.

The architectural design by Studio Land05 was headed by Martina Forejtova and the corten steel sculptures were created by Zdeněk Manina, providing an undeniable artistic quality to the monument.