Projects For Real Estate Developers

Projects For Real Estate Developers

We use the potential of development projects to create greener and more pleasant urban environments. We create unique places with their own identity. Our projects are about people and events. According to our proposals, localities are created that are lively, cultivated, think about the needs of the residents, and thus lead to the creation of a "good address". We also focus on sustainability, low maintenance requirements and sensitive placement of the project in the surroundings. We know how to cooperate with local residents and city representatives when discussing the project.

What we do

Increase the value of the project by creating an attractive natural space in the new development

Collaborate with building architects to create a functioning unit with outdoor space

Connect the development project to broader relations connected to the territory

Process all phases of project documentation

Solve the greenery coefficient, rain water management, Urban Heat Island effect and biodiversity

Resolve the safety of children's playgrounds according to applicable standards

Presentations at participatory meetings with citizens and city representatives