Greenery For Municipalities

Greenery For Municipalities

Through undemanding methods, we utilize the potential of specific sites to create a more favorable landscape for animals, plants, and people. We restore groves, historic avenues, orchards, and field paths to the landscape. Within villages and cities, we revitalize greenery on streets, in town squares, and housing estates, and we also rehabilitate ponds and water bodies. We design our projects in such a way that villages and cities can utilize co-financing through subsidy programs. For example, the Operational Programme Environment (OPE) allows for the drawing of funds from European sources for the protection and improvement of the environment. The purpose of this financial support is to increase biodiversity, ensure ecological stability of the landscape, and restore natural elements in populated areas.

What we do

Greenery restoration projects from the Environmental Subsidy Program (OPŽP)

Revitalization of village greens, squares and public spaces

Restoration of avenues and disappeared field paths in the landscape

Revitalization of ponds and fire stations