Study For Ostra Village

Project Name: Study for the Ostrá village
Owner: Ostrá village
Location: Ostrá
Designers: Martina Forejtová, Martina Havlová, Jana Pyšková
Phases: Study
Year: 2017

In Ostra village we have tried to demonstrate how a completely new approach to landscape design can  support future development of the village and surrounding environment. First of all we tried to understand the historical and cultural background of this particular area as well as the nature conditions. Then we considered the current traffic and logistic issues, agricultural use of surrounding fields as well as the cultural life of the village. Based on our findings a proposal of a very different village revitalisation was born. Our dream was  to not only revive the original landscape but also emphasize neighbours' relationships and enjoyment of the environment for the locals. All proposed changes can be seen in the pictures attached.

This study is a complex overview of the proposal which takes into consideration water management, logistic challenges, environmental issues as well as brand new landscaping. The study will be included in the county planning and development plans.