Garden Prague 6

Location: Prague 6

Project: 2020

Build: 2021/2022

Villa Design: JRA

Photography: Hana Connor and Land05

The inconspicuous garden on the edge of the villa‘s development is adjacent to the park. The house is separated by various hedges with their border almost blending into an open green space. The villa's positioning at the foot of the slope gives the garden an interesting varied landscape and scenery.

The strict lines of the house are also reflected in the garden by the clean lines of the concrete walls and staircases. And yet you will find secret corners and hidden recesses for various activities that do not interfere with each other.

Similar to a pool hidden among the ornamental grasses, out of sight, there is a fireplace in the reeds. A beautiful mature Svitel tree and the birches have been preserved in the garden, pleasantly shading the grassy living area and terrace. Thanks to the gentle transplanting technology, a full-grown maple tree was removed from its original place and returned to its new location after the construction of the house was complete. Now welcoming the guests at the entrance to the house.

An important part of the garden is hidden above the house, in fact behind the house. This area provides the owners with enough privacy to grow vegetables in open beds as well as in a beautiful greenhouse.

The atrium of the house positioned between the glass walls of the hall, living room, and wellness area is filled with delicate leaves of Japanese maple. The tree crown is protruding onto the terraced roof forming a large part of the garden, offering a beautiful view from the bedrooms‘ windows on the first floor. Terrain modeling on the roof enabled the planting of taller shrubs blocking the views from the neighbours. A section of the roof garden provides a space for growing wild strawberries, blueberries, and other small fruits. Another part resembles a steppe landscape, where xerophilous grasses and other xerothermic species are naturally formed.

Several perennial beds in the garden provide gradual flowering of bulbs and colourful blossoms of perennials throughout the year. At the end of the season, the garden is dominated by ornamental grasses beautifully decorative during the winter months.

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