Garden By The Forrest

Location: Praha

Project: 2020

Build: 2022


Photography: archiv Land05 a Hana Conno

The immediate proximity of the forest optically extends the garden of a newly built family home and offers a backdrop of mature trees, especially oaks. Individual corners of the garden offer space for various enjoyment and are purposefully wrapped in greenery so that they do not interfere with each other.

There is a place to sit together by the fire, to grow vegetables and herbs, and a large swimming pool surrounded by flowering perennials and ornamental grasses. A full-grown cherry tree has been preserved in the garden with a wooden deck underneath to protect its roots, preserving the original height of the terrain as well as offering a relaxation space for the family.

A Japanese nook in the garden reminds the owner of his cherished travels to Japan. This reminiscence is designed in a semi-enclosed atrium of the house, having its own space, and does not thematically clash with other parts of the garden.

The entrance to the house is lined with ornamental grasses complemented by flowering bulbs in spring, and in summer it is joined by a gently blooming Ceropegia.