Cycle Path Pod Vítkovem, Prague

Location: Praha 3 - Žižkov

Investor: City District Prague 3

Project: 2018 - 2020

Realization: 2020-2021

The cycle path under Vítkov hill was built in the footprint of a former railway line. In recent years, however, it no longer serves only cyclists. Thanks to its attractive location, it has become the so-called Žižkov boulevard - a promenade for local residents. The City District of Prague 3 has therefore decided to regenerate the surrounding area and provide seating for walkers and themed equipment for children to play on.

The narrow footprint of the cycle path does not allow for generous design, so the limited space has encouraged us to come up with small, but still attractive solutions.

We love designing playgrounds for children that do not look like traditional playgrounds. It is our belief that themed design encourages children's imagination to invent their own games. As a reminder of the former track, we designed a small play area inspired by the railway. There are barriers, a signal, a bridge, wagons, and even two stone vaulted tunnels. Several seating areas in a shape of a "train carriage" were built in the nearby retaining wall allowing walkers to rest and parents to sit whilst watching their kids play.

The ground-level trampolines are a very popular attraction on the cycle path. It stimulates children's physical activity whilst parents relax on the surrounding benches.

Two large wooden decks gradually copying the terrain were designed to enable watching over playing kids as well as the world go by.

Much-needed drinking fountains, waste bins, and bike racks are welcomed additions. Installation of the self-sufficient composting toilet, which does not need electricity, water or sewer connection was a must.

The entire area has also benefited from the restoration of greenery by thinning the slopes and planting a variety of trees and shrubs. Oaks, Rowans, Maples, Hawthorns, Dogwoods, Viburnums, Spindles, and Cyrillopsis were added to provide a diverse and colorful display at different times of the year. Shade-loving perennials and spring bulbs were planted for a joyful display of colours.

Our aim was for the cycle path to be enjoyed by all, cyclists, skaters, families on a walk, as well as elderly residents and dog owners. The photos hopefully show that our goal has been achieved.

Photo: Hana Connor (1-2, 3-4)