Beroun River View Garden

Location:  Beroun

Client: Private

House Design: ov architekti

Project Year: 2017

Construction Year: 2018


South facing steep slope, beautiful view of the river and the whitewashed villa reminded us of the dream life in the sunny Mediterranean. Strong sense of the South inspired us to design the Beroun villa’s garden in this spirit.  The light coloured retaining walls, swimming pool with almost white paving stones, heat-loving pine trees, and spectacular river views. This all may remind you of Croatia and if your eye wanders toward the espalier fruit trees, the thought of Italy may spring into mind.

Our desire was to harmonically connect the garden living space with the villa. Lots of thought was given to the position of the swimming pool, terraces and the choice of garden plants and trees.

The pines will soon fence off the surrounding houses and the garden visitor’s focal point will be grassy terraces, the shade of the pine trees, the swimming pool and the view of Berounka River. The summer garden will be brightened up by ornamental grass and flowering plants. The autumn harvest of tasty apples and pears on espalier trees will bring joy.  The peace and quiet of the seaside retreat are almost at reach.



Tomáš Souček (1, 3, 4, 8, 10)

Tomáš Rasl (2, 5, 7, 9)