Land05  Landscape Architects

At Atelier Land05, we help our clients to turn their ideas, ambitions and needs for urban projects into reality.  We turn our creative flair to shaping the landscape in public and private sectors, from intimate private gardens to open communal spaces.  Our aim is always to benefit the community by connecting people with nature, to increase enjoyment of their local environment and provide a sustainable, welcoming place that will be used by generations to come.

We take responsibility for all aspects of a project; taking the time to understand the needs of the client and community, creating inspiring designs, providing advice on materials and skills sourcing, preparing project documentation, advising on the selection of the construction company and liaising with all parties to ensure a successful project delivery.

The team at Atelier Land05 has the experience and expertise to add value at every stage of a project.  We employ a rigorous design process which includes presenting comprehensive proposals, preparing essential documentation for planning consent, meeting regional planning criteria, detailed project design and tender documentation.  Further to this we provide technical supervision of the project delivery. We co-operate with Architects, Engineers, Ecologists, Sociologists, Artists and Stakeholders, to be certain that our designs achieve our clients’ objectives and engage the community.  

Meeting functional, social and economic needs with aesthetic, natural and enjoyable designs is a quality that Atelier Land05 brings to every project.